About Us

E-scension is the next iteration in e-commerce platforms.

E-scension is a brand new e-commerce platform that is coming to a full launch in 2020. Currently our platform is in Pre-Launch status as we make decisions on content creators and our curators making supplier selections.

Eduardo is looking for content each day as we develop our community and our platform. He has over 5 years of experience in High End Retail Resale and is passionate about creating a new unique platform that works with content creators and gives them vested interest in the platform.

Curating is a multi-step process that our E-scension team goes through when we decide to bring new content onto the site. First a creator gets approval from the team. Then a set of demo products run the first line on the shop.

From there the team gets to work promoting the content through grassroots approaches in our large Tampa network as well as through web advertising on popular services such as Instagram, Snapchat, etc. Finally, successful creators will be asked to become vested members of the team giving them more control over the platform as well as potential to earn more off their and other creators’ success.